Sunday, September 18, 2011


This just in, from the Club President:

KO Jeanes tomorrow, from Conroe, Texas. He will teach the Plus Class
and call the evening dance.

Yey!  Tomorrow we will have our second Plus class in this series of
lessons!  We have an excellent group of callers and students for this
series!  If you are happy dancing mainstream, you'll LOVE Plus!   Come
on out tomorrow!  You may still join this fun group!

Learn plus, and dance with the some of the best callers in the
country!  Superb, unique experience learning with such a great group
of teachers!

Everyone:  PLEASE read the notes below!

Information about FunDancers Plus Level Lessons  (Registration is open
to all experienced mainstream level dancers)

Time: Sundays at 5:00.

Anyone may take our lessons as many times as he/she wishes.  We do our
best to be sure registrants dance every tip. If you have taken our
Plus lessons previously and wish to repeat, we encourage you to do so.
You will be charged half the regular fee to retake the classes.

Angels are a great help, as long as they are accomplished Plus dancers
themselves.  Angels are welcomed so that they can help the tips flow
smoothly for class registrants.  If you are not a proficient Plus
dancer, please register to take the class yourself!  Just ask if you
are not sure if you are ready to angel.  We hate to do this, but we
will ask you to step down if we find you are not ready to angel.
Please save us this difficult task. We love you, but our
responsibility is to offer the best possible experience to our class
registrants. :(

Angels are dance advocates who fill in squares as needed.  They are
responsible and capable dancers who want to share their enjoyment.
Angels allow the caller to do the teaching. ;)

Plus lessons:  $60.00

FunDancers tried offering these lessons free for club members, but
found last year that we could not meet our expenses when we did this!
We are non-profit.  :(

With lesson registration, registrants qualify for a $2 discount for
the evening dances with guest callers.

Thank you for reading!  Hope this has cleared a few points.  Questions
and comments welcome.


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