Friday, September 2, 2011

FunDancers holiday (no dance) on September 4

Big thanks to last Sunday's fantastic Amateur Callers and also to the fantastic dancers who cheered them on! Everyone rose to the occasion and turned in a stellar performance. It's so nice to be around such talented, fun people. Photos and/or videos from the occasion will be posted on the FunDancers "Newsroom" blog soon.

FunDancers will NOT dance this coming holiday Sunday (September 4). We will dance again on September 11 with guest caller Jerry Jestin, one of the world's top callers. That same day, we start the new Fall Schedule:

- 5 to 7 pm - Plus Class
- 7 to 9 pm - Club Dance
- 9:15 pm - afterparty at Chuy's

= = = = =

For 13 Sundays, we will offer two separate dance sessions (Plus Class, followed by Club Dance). You are welcome at either or both sessions. Each session is priced separately. There is a discount if you go to both.

If you would like to learn and dance the Plus program (31 calls beyond Mainstream), the Plus Class is for you. You are also welcome to try it first to find out if you like it. We offer a Plus Class just once per year. The Plus Class is suitable for January beginners, however there is no pressure to move up to Plus until you feel ready.

The Plus Class costs $60 for 13 weeks (that's less than $5 per week). It's an unparalleled value because many of the weeks will be called by some of the top callers/instructors on this planet. You can try the first one (on September 11) for $5. If you decide to enroll in the full course, pay just the remainder ($55). They'll probably let you break it up into two or three smaller payments if you ask.

If you're in the Plus Class at 5 pm, you get a $2 per person discount on the Club Dance at 7 pm. Over 13 weeks this adds up to a hefty $26 discount. You can literally dance your feet off, saving money with each step. Have you ever saved so much money that your feet got tired? :) What a deal!

FunDancers members don't get the extra $2 discount because they get an even better deal. Members get into all Club Dances for free as part of their dues. We like to think that it's the best square and line dance deal out there. The only way to make it any cheaper is to hire crummier callers ... but we're sure you prefer the amazing lineup we've already got scheduled. :)

= = = = =

Here is the final Hint in the series "what to do if you're lost in a square":

Hint #8: Keep Dancing. Don't Stop to Analyze. If something happens that you don't understand, wait until the tip is finished to mull it over. Thinking about something that's over, while you're still dancing, is sure doom. I speak from bitter personal experience.
Sundays in September are Special at FunDancers:
- September 11 - International Caller Jerry Jestin
- September 18 - Traveling Caller K O Jeanes
- September 25 - International Caller Darryl Lipscomb

We've got a good thing going at FunDancers and the good times will really roll during the next several months. Each person adds something unique and wonderful to the overall mix. Thank you for being part of the high-energy fun, friendship, fitness, smiles, laughter, refreshments and great memories at FunDancers on Sunday!

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