Thursday, April 19, 2012

Looking for a good friendly dance? You found it at FunDancers!

You are invited to enjoy FunDancers on Sunday April 22, dancing to the usual suspects (Nasser and Jeanna):
  5 pm - Lines and Squares for January Beginners
  7 pm - Lines and Squares for Experienced Dancers
  9:15 pm - afterparty
Dances for January Beginners will continue through the end of May. Beginner Progress chart is at . Right now, January Beginner level is about 83% of Experienced Dancer level.  We are definitely on track to all dance together as one big happy Experienced Dancer family starting in June. Hip Hip Hurray for our fantastic January beginners!

It's also a great opportunity for anyone who dropped out of square and line dancing to drop back in. Perhaps you lost 17 percent of your proficiency ("use it or lose it"). If so, you can gain it back at 5 pm on Sunday. Dancing is high-energy fun but it's also extremely good for you.
Big thanks to everyone who helps make FunDancers such a friendly and welcoming place on Sundays!

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