Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Red White and Blue celebration at FunDancers on November 6th

Dance with the usual suspects (Nasser and Jeanna) this coming Sunday November 6th:
- 5 to 7 pm - Plus Class
- 7 to 9 pm - Club Dance
- 9:15 pm - afterparty at Chuy's

This Sunday is our Veteran's Day "Red White and Blue" party. If you want to, wear colors from the US flag.

November 13th is "Beginner Hour" from 7 to 8 pm. Let's invite beginners, even if they never danced before. There will be some beginner dancing and some "watch us professionals get 'er done". We'll teach every step in the beginner dances. Our guests will discover a fantastic hour of fun, fitness, friendship, entertainment, mental challenge, music, etc. They can raid our famous FunDancers refreshments table and we'll invite (hmm, "invite" is too tame a word. How about Entice, Persuade, Beg, Plead, Coerce, Lure, Bribe or Attract?) them to our famous Beginner Dances which start in January.

The last time we did beginners, it was free of charge. The next time we do beginners, it will also be free. Some people are leery of anything free. They can't stop thinking "what's the catch?". Well, there's NO catch and we'll PROVE it by charging $2 for the Beginner Hour on November 13th. Since it's NOT free, there's nothing to be leery of. For a measly two bucks, they get a full hour of authentic fun. You'd gladly pay more than that to ride a merry-go-round. FunDancers is the best deal anywhere and all the proceeds go to a good cause: FunDancers! :)

Big thanks to all FunDancers and guests who make each Sunday so special. The next time you're at that critical decision point of "should I go to FunDancers this week?", here's a hint: the correct answer is "yes". Every person adds something unique and special to the mix. It's just not the same, unless YOU're present!

Every Sunday is Special at FunDancers:
- November 6 - Club Caller Nasser & Jeanna - "Red White and Blue Celebration"
- November 13 - Club Caller - "Beginner Hour at 7 pm".
- November 20 - Guest Caller Nelda Eaton
- November 27 - dark for holiday weekend
- December 4 - Guest Caller Brad Caldwell
- December 11 - Club Caller - "Plus Class Graduation"

Have fun, be with friends, burn mega-calories, learn something new, enjoy an authentic American activity and feel great ... all at the same time ... at FunDancers on Sunday!

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