Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun at FunDancers on July 17

WOW, what an excellent fun time we had at FunDancers last Sunday! Let's do it again this Sunday!

Details: be with friends, burn about 800 calories during a very enjoyable workout, have fun, listen to lively music, square dance, line dance, keep our minds sharp, socialize, laugh, meet new friends, enjoy excellent refreshments, and celebrate the good fun people in our lives ... all at the same time.

6:15 pm - Quick Review
7 pm - Club Dance
9:15 pm - afterparty at Chuy's in Selma

The Quick Review is mainly for newer dancers but all are welcome. You can even request that we review a call of your choice (one request per person). Send your request by email and/or let the caller know before a tip begins.

A Canadian caller recently wrote some rules about "what to do if you're lost in a square". Of course FunDancers will NEVER need this advice, right? But just in case, we'll try to cover one hint per week. This week's entry:

Hint #1 Admit When You Need Help. Everybody needs help sometime. If you're confused or unsure, ask for help. You will usually find that those you ask are more than willing to provide it.

Plan ahead at FunDancers - The next Beginner group starts January 8. Plus Class starts September 11. A new Advanced Group starts "soon" on a weeknight. If you are interested in Advanced, please let us know which nights work best for you.

The website has the latest club info. has info about dancing all over the region.

We hope to see you at FunDancers this Sunday, July 17 for fun, fitness, friendship and family values!

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